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Why is the Halachic Living Will necessary?

Noone likes to think about it...

Chayim Aruchim UK, a project of Interlink is an organisation that has been set up to advise, guide and inform Jewish people with regard to end of life directives according to Halocha.

This project has been set up with advice and guidance from local and international rabbonim as well as legal assistance from experts who are up to date with all legislation pertaining to end of life directives and human rights. This website should be used as a point of contact if you have any questions or concerns about end of life directives. You can submit your contact information along with a message on the Contact Us page.

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What is a Halachic Living Will?

but the reality is that we are living in a time where there is increasing pressure being placed on limited NHS resources. That, coupled with many activist groups that support the ‘right to die’ can cause a Halachically problematic situation for an incapacitated Jewish patient; whereby their basic needs for survival are withheld. To ensure that your ‘right to live’ is respected and that decisions regarding your end of life directives are made in accordance with Jewish law, it is imperative to sign a Halachic Living Will.